PAC-M software is designed to be easy to use, and telephone support is free of charge. But, if you want a flying start or have a specialised application, there is no substitute for hands-on training. Each customer's needs are different, so every session is tailored to your particular firm, and the individuals within it. Courses can include a number of components:

  • Theoretical background
  • Model Building
  • Getting the best out of Excel customisation and marketing
  • Getting results that non-quants will understand and accept

As this list implies, there is no hard and fast dividing line between consultancy and training, so take a look at our consultancy project page to get an idea of some of the other areas where we can help.

The choice of location is also yours. Choose between:

  • your own premises
  • our offices here in London
  • any other mutually convenient location

Courses are for a minimum of half a day (a full day outside a 70-mile radius from our offices). Let us know your requirements.